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Mouthwashes containing alcohol can cause oral cancer

Posted in Uncategorized by Pulse Health Screening on February 13, 2009

Independent scientists in Australia have published a study in the Dental Journal of Australia which states that “alcohol-containing mouthwashes contribute to the increased risk of development of oral cancer”.


It is thought that ethanol (an alcohol), in many mouthwashes, allows cancer-causing substances to be absorbed more easily through the lining of the mouth.  In addition, when mouthwash is swished around the mouth, a cancer-causing by-product of alcohol, acetaldehyde, is produced.


A Brazilian study at the University of Sao Paulo found that regular use of an alcohol-based mouthwash is associated with oral cancer, regardless of alcohol and tobacco consumption. 


One of the best-selling mouthwashes contains 26% alcohol, which is deadly if drunk by a child.


As a result of the research, scientists are warning that alcohol-based mouthwashes should be avoided for long-term use. They are urging dentists to review their stance on recommending an alcohol-based mouthwash to patients.


If you still want the benefits of mouthwash for oral hygiene without the health risks, Eliminator Mouthwash by NEWAYS is the ideal choice.  It is alcohol-free, totally safe and very effective in eliminating the harmful bacteria which cause tooth decay.


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