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Taking Probiotics Can Help to Reduce Weight

Posted in Uncategorized by Pulse Health Screening on May 30, 2009

Two new studies show that obese people have different intestinal bacteria than slim people. What’s more, the microbes in an overweight body are much more efficient at extracting calories from food.

One study looked at mice, the other looked at humans. In both, a family of bacteria known as firmicutes were more plentiful in the obese (20 percent more). Bacteria called bacteroidetes were also much more abundant in those of normal weight (the obese had almost 90 percent fewer bacteroidetes).

Most likely because of the firmicutes, the obese mice were more efficient at taking calories out of complex sugars and depositing those calories in fat. When these microbes were transplanted into the normal-weight mice, those mice started to gain twice as much fat.

As obese people lost weight, their bacteroidetes increased, while the numbers of firmicutes decreased.
By taking probiotics with lactobacillus and bifidus strains of bacteria, you could help to prevent the proliferation of firmicutes. Therefore, this could help you to normalise your weight.

Advanced ProBiotic from NEWAYS contains five strains of beneficial bacteria, including lactobacillus and bifidus, so it may be worth taking a daily dose if you wish to lose weight.

Source: How The Bacteria In Your Gut Can Make You Fat and The Newfound Link Between Probiotics and Your Weight