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Natural Remedy for Arthritis

Posted in Health Articles by Pulse Health Screening on May 5, 2010
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An ancient Assyrian medical book dated 600 BC, reveals that a plant with yellow leaves called Curcuma longa is an effective, all-round ‘medicinal miracle’.

And in Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine this plant, which grows in Southern Asia and India, is renowned for its wide range of therapeutic benefits.

Today, most people know this plant as turmeric – a common ingredient that’s used to make curries. The medicinal properties of turmeric are due to a variety of active plant chemicals found in the roots of the plant.

In particular, the natural chemical, curcumin, is believed to possess the most potent medicinal properties. The anti- inflammatory properties of curcumin have been found to be so effective that it is now recognised as a powerful remedy for treating all forms of arthritis, including osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, painful joints and gout.

So, you may like to eat more curries or you may prefer to take a broad spectrum antioxidant containing curcumin such as Revenol by Neways International and available from Healthy Choices.


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