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Is Your Shampoo and Conditioner Interfering With Your Hormones and Making You Fat?

Posted in Health Articles by Pulse Health Screening on July 8, 2010
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The Environmental Protection Agency in the US has found synthetic hormone-disrupting chemicals in shampoo preservatives and many of them can be found in products that claim to be ‘natural’ and ‘organic.’

The most disturbing of these is antimicrobial preservatives, called parabens, which have proven to disrupt your endocrine system.

So what is an endocrine disruptor and why should it concern you?

It all boils down to this: they mimic, disrupt or block the actions of your hormones and interfere with your body’s hormonal pathways.

And when you consider the fact the endocrine system regulates every function of your body and provides instructions to your body that tell your cells what to do, this can have disastrous consequences.

For instance, one messenger hormone, oestrogen, is secreted by ovaries and plays a big part in regulation of fertility, pregnancy, menstruation and fat cell activity.

And too much oestrogen can cause big problems including weight gain, fluid retention, and depression.

So what can you do to avoid these parabens?

Check your product labels for these terms:

* Propylparaben
* Parahydroxybenzoic acid
* Parahydroxybenzoate
* Methylparaben
* Ethylparaben
* Butylparaben
* Benzyl-parahydroxybenzoic acid
* Methyl-parahydroxybenzoic acid
* Ethyl-parahydroxybenzoic acid
* Propyl-parahydroxybenzoic acid
* Butyl-parahydroxybenzoic acid

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